Lori Goldman, MFT

Psychotherapy for Children, Adolescents and Adults

Nourishing and Strengthening the Mind, Body and Spirit.


I’m passionate about empowering girls and women to find their own inner resources and rediscover their authentic voice and wisdom. https://avtomatyi-na-dengi.com/igrovye-avtomaty-777/

Growing up, girls are often told they are too sensitive or too needy, or if they express strong opinions or anger, they are often directly or indirectly minimized or criticized.  This can leave them unprotected and vulnerable to traumatic experiences.  Symptoms like depression, anxiety, perfectionism, and self-injurious or self-sabotaging behaviors can replace a growing girl’s sense of esteem and power over her choices and desires.  As adult women, these same struggles to trust and believe in oneself can impact a woman’s ability to feel nourished in her relationships and effective in her work and creative projects.

Boys are also vulnerable to traumatic experiences because of messages they receive.  Boys are often expected to be strong protectors who are sensitive to others’ needs, while managing their own array of feelings by themselves.  Especially if they have high sensitivity or lack of caring male role models, there is often no outlet for boys to express their emotions and worries effectively, which can lead boys to engage in self-harming, bullying or fighting behaviors.  As adult men, the tendency to ignore feelings and hide internal longings, or quickly come up with a solution in order to appear competent can lead to depression, anxiety, isolation and rage, and significantly affect a man’s self-esteem and effectiveness in his life and relationships.

My approach

In my work with girls, boys, women and men, I draw upon a unique blend of relational psychoanalysis, somatic and transpersonal psychologies, yoga and meditation to help my clients work through the hard places, release emotional blocks and feel more enlivened, creative and free in their lives.

Through empathy, clarity, and a caring, no-nonsense presence, I work to:https://club-igrovyih-avtomatov.ru/slot-machines-for-free/

  1. Support girls, boys, women and men to move through difficult experiences and stuck patterns in order to experience more ease, creativity and wholeness.
  2. Help girls, boys, women and men resolve trauma by finding their own inner resources and enlivening connection, trust and intimacy in their relationships.
  3. Empower highly sensitive girls, boys, women and men to recognize their sensitivity as a gift and use their inner strengths to confidently express themselves in the world.
  4. Empower young girls and boys to manage the struggles of growing up by building and increasing social skills, coping strategies and healthy self-esteem.
  5. Help adolescent girls and boys maintain a sense of self and confidence in their own unique talents and abilities while confronted by the conflicting societal messages of what it means to be a woman or a man.
  6. Support parents and children who are in transition or experiencing unexpected life challenges.

I’m inspired to work with the issues that girls and boys face in their development, and passionate about supporting women and men to live meaningful and visionary lives.  I have successfully treated boys, girls, women and men with many different concerns, and have helped parents who are searching to better understand their children.