Lori Goldman, MFT

Psychotherapy for Children, Adolescents and Adults

Nourishing and Strengthening the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Well-Resourced Parenthood

Parenting is a joy and an honor— and it’s sometimes the biggest challenge we’ll ever face. Kids need a near-constant supply of energy and attention, keeping us on our toes and leaving us to wonder how to juggle the competing adult responsibilities: career, finances, and relationships. Often, partnerships and friendships take the back burner and parents are left feeling under-supported. When you add in a particularly challenging time for you or your child, it’s a recipe for short tempers, self-criticism and exhaustion.

It can help to have someone on your team to support you in understanding the struggles your child is facing and to collaborate with you on solutions to your parenting struggles. Having served many children and families, I am skilled at helping you make parenting easier and more fulfilling.

The following is a list of my services to support parents:

  • Parent Consultation (1-3 sessions focused on a particular parenting dynamic in which I will offer my professional recommendation)
  • Ongoing parent sessions when child is in individual therapy with me
  • Couple therapy with parents focused on supporting your relationship and in becoming better parenting allies
  • Parenting support groups (general support, ADHD, grief/loss, adoption)
  • Presentations and classes at schools for parents, educators and administrators

I tailor every session, whether with an individual or group, to the unique needs of the parents with whom I am working.