Lori Goldman, MFT

Psychotherapy for Children, Adolescents and Adults

Nourishing and Strengthening the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Play Therapy for Children

We want to be amazing parents and all want our kids to be healthy, successful, and feel good about themselves. But no parent is given an instruction manual and sometimes, despite our very best efforts, our children experience challenges we never wanted them to face. Your marriage or relationship might not have worked out as you planned, there might be a medical issue in the family or an unexpected loss, or the social or academic environment at school is overwhelming or painful for your child. Or—quite simply— you might not be having the close, loving relationship with your child you had always hoped for and feel overwhelmed trying to figure out what is happening with your child or teen. I support children and their parents in navigating the unexpected with self-awareness, healthy self-esteem, and ability to self-soothe— all while building positive social skills.

 My Specialties with Children

You and your child might need help if

•    Your child has behavioral problems or academic challenges
•    You notice your child has difficulty relating to peers and/or adults and often misses social cues
•    Learning or attentional challenges (such as ADHD or other executive functioning difficulties)
•    Your child is academically gifted and seems to be struggling with their emotions
•    Your child is frequently worried or fearful about things you notice other children their age don’t seem to be concerned about
•    Your child seems frequently depressed, withdrawn or inexplicably angry
•    Known or suspected exposure to child abuse
•    Your child is experiencing a challenging transition (birth of a sibling, entering school, moving)
•    A death or other loss of someone close to your child
•    There is divorce in your family
•    Your adopted child is experiencing difficulties
•    You are confused about whether what you are seeing in your child is normal or requires professional help

Since you know your child best, I will work closely with you to learn about your child in a range of environments, including home, school and extra-curricular activities.  Depending on the situation and the child’s needs, I utilize a range of techniques to support their natural growth and development as they navigate their challenges.  Children communicate primarily through play.  Therefore, I use play therapy to build a trusting relationship in which they can verbalize their feelings and needs, explore anxieties or worries, and eventually come to understand and master their experiences.  Play therapy helps children feel more equipped to deal with the challenges and inevitable uncertainties of growing up.  Depending on what is most helpful for your child, sessions may involve you, your child or a combination of both.